First Time Buyer's Guide

Welcome to NinjApparel's digital shopping guide!

Shopping online isn't so different to physically shopping in-store.  There are three primary phases of shopping!


When you are in a store, looking at and interacting with the products you are interested in, this is called browsing.  Online, the process is the same - you will be looking at and engaging with products that you are interested in.  So from the moment you land on to the moment you Checkout you are browsing.

You may browse products by their categories if you wish, e.g. by selecting one of the categories found in the All Products drop-down button in the navigation menu (below the logo).  Once you find a product you like, you can click anywhere on the product's picture or View button.  This will take you to the product page, whereby you may select the variants of the product that suit you.

Please make sure that at this point you have measured yourself thoroughly and compared that to the product's bespoke sizing table.

Once you've selected the appropriate colour and size and are happy, click the Add to Cart button. You will notice that the product is automatically added to your cart but you will be kept on the same page should you wish to continue browsing around the website.

If you are done browsing, either click the Big Red Button in the top right corner or the Add to Cart's cousin, the blue Checkout button, and you will be taken to your cart.

Checking Out

Once you've clicked the Big Red Button or the Checkout button you will have begun the process of checking out.

Now that you are in your shopping cart you will see the summary of all of the items you have added to it.  Double check the variants and that you are happy with everything, then proceed by clicking the other red Checkout button underneath the subtotal.

At this point you will need to fill in your personal details here, in order for us to know who you are and where we're sending your NinjApparel to.  If you haven't created an account already, this is where and when you will be able to.  If you not into that kind-a thing… no pressure (it just makes it easier to checkout next time - and we will shower you with good energy and happiness, and our awesome weekly newsletter).

Once you've filled in all your details correctly (kindly double check that they are) you will then proceed to fill in the details of your shipping address by click the red button (red = next).  As with your personal details, please make sure everything is 100% correct otherwise your order may arrive at the wrong address.  And no one wants that.

All good? Then click the red button.

Ready to Pay

This is the hallowed payment page, where you will fill in your payment details.

Please note, our payment gateways are Stripe (credit card) and PayPal - Two of the safest forms of paying online. Also you don't need to have a credit card, a cheque/debit card is more than adequate to purchase with us.

So once you've filled in all of your details securely and cryptically (we wouldn't have it any other way), ideally triple check that everything is correct (shipping address, details, variants etc.).

Once you're 100% happy, click the final red button labelled "Complete Order".

Once you've ordered ...

You will receive an order confirmation from us, and once we've processed your order you will receive a fulfilment confirmation with your tracking number/s.  You will be kept informed of almost every aspect of the shipping process, but if you do have any additional questions please check our FAQSizing and Shipping pages.



Not enough for you?

 Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!